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lil wayne

FIRST OFF LET ME CLARIFY THAT WAYNE AND ANY OTHER ARTIST ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR BOOKING THERE OWN SHOWS THE PEOPLE THAT PAY THEM MONEY TO COME AND PERFORM ARE CALLED PROMOTERS THERE JOB IS TO SHOW UP AND SING THATS IT...THEY HAVE NO SAY IN WHERE A CONCERT IS HELD, HOW MUCH THE TICKETS COST, WHAT TIME IT STARTS NONE OF THAT. an easy way to think of it where every1 should be able to understand is like hiring a magician for a kids birthday party, your throwing a party for your kid you want a magician you go in the phonebook pick one out all they do is show up an do their magic they aren't responsible for any other aspect of the party but if he shows up an you dont pay him he isn't gonna do his act now is he... same thing with concerts! the blame lies on the promoter for the not sure many of you understand how putting a concert together works but im a venue promoter in Chicago. 1st off wayne is a busy man who is on tour right now. a promoter calls him an wants to put on a show, he charges 30,000 to do an appearance. wayne dont care if its for 1 person or 1 million people his price is 30,000. its the promoters job to give him that money usually half upfront when the arrangement is made an the other half before the show. now this promoters job is to secure a location, advertise, promote hence the title promoter... and provide necessary incidentals example: security, hotel accomodations etc. promoters have the opportunity to make alot of money putting on a good concert, let me break it down 30,000 wayne 5,000 venue 10,000 promotional items advertising fliers printing tickets etc ruffly 45,000 total in turn, he sells tickets for however much, i saw a lady spent 150 for 2 tickets so he charged 75 bucks a ticket multiply by the 2500 that someone claims were sold an you have over 180,000 potential income a profit of over 140 now if wayne would have went along an did the show without gettin his money whoever the promoter was woulda pocketed all that money so somethin ain't right with this story, the promoter couldn't have sold out the tickets he was probably trying to sell them at the door not in advance (armature move) or he did a real shitty job of advertising cause he didnt pay wayne his money wayne stopped what he was doin made a detour in his BUSY schedule an traveled to this city *that cost him money* than he supposed to get on stage an perform for free yeah right! blame that foul promoter not wayne


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