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Wow! An actual grandaughter of John Wayne as our Queen!

And she's on a reality show and another member of her sparkling entourage is also from a reality show that mocks the entire concept of marriage and with another unknown who's "hitting it big" on the golf channel! Wow! It just doesn't get any bigger than that!

Just once it would be nice to see the Azalea Festival choose some locals who actually might deserve to be honored instead of hyping some fourth rate also-ran celebs that they were able to convince to show up.

If the Azalea Festival chose to honor some locals it would at least look like we were proud of ourselves. All of this psuedo excitement for some nobodys that no one has even heard of makes us look like a bunch of star-struck country bumpkins with no self worth of our own. If they really think this is the image of Wilmington they want to convey to the rest of the world they might as well just make Berger the queen and be done with it.


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