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We are "owed" just as much

We are "owed" just as much as anyone else in this country! We have EARNED every right that is bestowed upon us per the US Constitution and from God Almighty!!! Yes, there should be more people of color chosen to be Queen Azalea! Not because we feel we are owed anything, but it's just the right thing to do! Our community is a multiracial community. To deny what is obvious won't change a thing, I like many others here that do not consider themselves white aren't going anywhere!

Comments like yours sicken me! You hold on to the mindset of bigots that have long passed. You're quick to point out the "bad apples" within the race, but totally ignore the 95% of us that work hard, believe in family, believe in education, believe in being an asset to society, believe that we as a people deserve ALL the opportunities that are given to every other race here in the US. Why not???

For me I could care less if the Queen is White, Black, Hispanic, Chinese, Japanese, etc. Yet, I do feel that since the festival is supported by the diverse races that reside here, the "face" of the festival SHOULD from time to time represent our community's diversity. What's wrong with that????

Look around our city's racial makeup has changed, our state's racial makeup has changed, and lastly, our country's racial makeup has changed...It's OK...It's'll be fine...we'll all be fine...that's what America is all about....Isn't it???


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