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I agree !

Un-marked cars are a pet peeve of mine too. I consider them a form of entrapment, and a danger to public safety. Our laws should never be enforced by sneaking up on people. If you want people to slow down just put a marked cruiser on the road and see what happen every time. I feel the same about those random check points so popular these days. Clearly they are an unreasonable random search, but no one wants to be seen as supporting drunk driving. And yes I know the courts have ruled on this many times, so save it please. Yes they do take a few drunks of the road, but they really haven't done anything to reduce accidents involving alcohol have they. And the vast majority of accidents DON'T involve drinking anyway. The automatic license plate check on Wrightsville is the last straw in what has been a creep towards a totalitarian style of government here and we need to wake up and smell the ... BS


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