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Too stupid?

Wow calling people stupid because they aren't accustomed to experiencing anything ever in their lifetime like Superstorm Sandy is really uncalled for. Just like people in New Orleans and other areas impacted by other major weather events were devastated so were the people of NY and NJ. We love our beaches and coastline just like you do in your state. This storm hit not only beachfront areas where almost all people DID heed warnings and evacuate but it hit inland and noncoastal areas that historically have never been hit. These people lost everything..some of the homes still haven't been found because they literally washed away and others burnt to the ground. There are hundreds still homeless and some towns have been destroyed forever. Have some compassion. Many in NY and NJ in particular have been doing nonstop fundraisers and reaching out for months to help both neighbors and strangers aike. We are proud of our efforts and applaud those from all over the country that have also helped. Negative comments are uncalled for in a time of crisis. I hope you never experience the level of loss many have felt here. Our landscape here is forever changed and it is very heartwrenching for those of us who call this area home.


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