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"Now, since you are in such a philosphical mood, why don't YOU tell everyone where that first hydrogen atom came from" (Unquote)

First...philosphical is spelled "philosophical"...but I knew what you meant Guest-o-matic.
Second...I love bandying words to individuals that believe "they/themselves" here on Earth, are the "Chosen" ones...while Junior in N. Korea has his finger pointed at the button. I personally don't think there's any harm meant by either party myself...except for Junior in N. Korea with his finger pointed on the button...and the religious fanatics throughout the world. That difference in religious beliefs has caused the majority of Kaos on this poor little planet called Earth.

Help me out it just "your inner group" that are the Chosen Ones...or all Earthlings???
Now...Chosen for what? And that question goes to Sis Agnes too.
Myth's and more myth's about "Jesus is coming" has worn itself out to a frazzle. When will you realise your Knight in Armor ain't comin'...but second thought...go ahead.
Now, go ahead and throw back the standard remark my way about me going to Hell in a handbasket, because I could care less what you think or threaten my "end of life" with. It is what it is, and will be what it will be....ka sura sura :-)

The creation of all worlds, and the endless universe you see on a starry night, is from gases/molecules/atoms/explosion's/collisions of all of those things (and maybe some spicey foods mixed in) rotating in endless paths forever and ever...(and one more)...forever! That's a proven fact...but a man returning from death to save us from our sins is merely a myth...and that myth is printed...but goes undated. Sounds like "Buying Time" endlessly to me.

The fact remains...believe what you want to believe...but all man kind derived from 2 people named "Adam and Eve" has storybook land written all over it...and if it's true about those then are related to Junior in N. tell him to "Cool His Heels" how 'bout it...huh?


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