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What are you trying to

What are you trying to say...Dr. O-Matic?
Your answer to all life is entitled......."No answer there at all" (is that for me or you?) Seems you are reluctant to say what you think your reasons are for life. You don't have a clue...or you think it's not worth discussing? Paint us a picture Doc.

If your reason(s) for "all existence" are based on your religious beliefs...then spit it out and say why and how because it's Ok...but spit into the wind if you think others are less intelligent than you if you disagree with their beliefs, (because you have yours as others have theirs).

You never stated what your beliefs are...only that it's "beyond the explanation by even the best scientists and physicists", which you apparently are not. I simply believe in the Big Bang Theory that science has less :-)

You stated...."Those that DON'T know are usually well-versed in Bullsh*t as you are and continue to make baseless excuses for their lack of knowledge." Are you referring to those scientists and physicists you mentioned too?
Then what is your belief of how life started Doc? Really...explain this and I promise not to make fun of it.

Your comments are the very reason I "do" make puns at folks like you that are without retrospect, because they present themselves as being an expert on the unknown...but know absolutely nothing to back it up. That is what I make fun
Throw it our way and why is life, as it is today, in your own words, and start from the beginning.
This all started from me using the word..."Vacuum"! HA!!!!

Have a nice life Doc!


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