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Let's get on with the county's business.

I watched the video of April 8th's meeting. It was truly disturbing. Those who say people other than Berger are the ones who’re creating the problem are also not dealing with reality. Look at the video yourself and come to your own conclusion.

Concerning the attempt to remove him: It would probably be an effort in futility. The law seems more than a little weak on this issue; it would take a long time and would be a prohibitive expense that NHC residents would wind up having to pay for. Even a censure would be a waste of NHC time. He's essentially already been censured by everyone in NHC except for a few nut cases.

Wait him out. Isolate him from government responsibilities. Institute strict controls on his ability to interact with NHC employees or to consume NHC time and treasure in any way. Ignore him.

A four person board with Berger simply sitting in a fifth chair and being essentially ignored when he even bothers to show up at all, is a much better arrangement than what we have now. When his term expires he'll have to leave the area if just to seek employment because no one in their right mind around here would even consider hiring him.

Let's get on with the county's business.


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