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and last night's meeting too

watching it now
"Public Comments" section

Berger claims to have been bullied and treated wrong by fellow board-members and staff. At 12:40 - Woody asks him to please provide specific examples of when he was wronged, and Berger claims this meeting isn't the right time or place to share the specific examples... Woody presses for specific instances, that in front of the voters at a public meeting is the perfect time to share about incidents of being wronged... and Berger just flounders and speaks in generalities AGAIN. Then he finally says that some combination of former Commissioners Catlin, Thompson, and Davis violated the Americans with Disabilities Act somehow with regards to Berger, but still doesn't say exactly what.

Then in "Items 18 & 19"
Props to Thomas Wolfe for really giving it to Berger starting around 5:20.

Seriously, how can anyone back this guy? His supporters sound like the Iraqi Information Minister.


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