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Reading down thru the

Reading down thru the comments here it's easy to see you left wingers don't really believe in the democratic system yaw pretend to, when a man is elected and he doesn't fit the mold you want him to, or vote the way you want him to, or even acts the way you want him to, you throw him in the fire, well that's not gonna float in this case, hopefully it will backfire in the powers to be faces and next election cycle there will be more down to earth people put on that board of commissioners, people that are more in touch with the normal person just trying to pay the light bill, or car payment or rent, and still have enough left at the end of the week to take there kids out for a hamburger, it sure is refreshing every once in a while to see a "normal" person with normal every day struggles slip thru the cracks and end up in politics!


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