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My response

To Mr White:(Taken from Port City Daily)

April 11, 2013 at 8:15 am
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Mr White- if thats who you really are:
How can you disclose Mr Berger’s psychological problems? Are they NOT covered by the HIPPA laws which protects HIS privacy?
Second, please reference a written statement by the state AG’s office indicating you can use county attorneys for this debacle.
Third – please don’t insult our intelligence by saying “it won’t cost us anything”. The County attorney had NOT planned on this legal proceeding in his budget and this will take away from other duties.
Please keep a log of all cost associated with the removal of Brian Berger from Office and report back to us with a total cost of this removal.
YOU sir have a fiduciary responsibility to the county as does Brian. YOU as Chair will have to tell us how much this cost.
WE pay your salary and Brian’s. We elected both of you to the positions you hold. You are going AGAINST the wishes of the electorate by removing Berger from office – that is OUR job. WE make mistakes by electing officials that don’t do a good job.
If you fail to keep detailed records of costs for this political grandstanding then we’ll correct one of the two mistakes when YOU are up for re-election.


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