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you just don't get it, do you?

JJ - I've seen your comments on here regarding Berger.

NOBODY CARES that he "doesn't agree with their point of view" or as you commented yesterday - that he "isn't a pushover 'Yes Man' " (nice job getting some air-time on the 5:30 news, by the way).

The beef people have with him is that he does not fulfill his duties as a Commissioner, and that he is an embarrassment to New Hanover County. Now the embarrassment part isn't as big of a deal... many people were embarrassed by President Bush... heck, President Clinton got caught fooling around IN THE OVAL OFFICE! But - they at least did the job they were elected to do.

Brian is routinely late to meetings yet he doesn't have a job, significant other, or children as an excuse for being tardy (for example, 75 minutes late to the Jan. 22nd NHC Commissioners meeting), and he is frequently absent from Agenda briefings and meetings of his assigned boards. OK, that's 1 strike.

He sends erratic emails to fellow commissioners and NHC staff berating staff members, sometimes in the middle of the night. OK, that's strike 2. (examples include here here here

Alienating himself from the rest of the board, he has essentially created a 4-person Commission. He touts conspiracy-theories and throws accusations of corruption at fellow board-members yet when asked to provide specific examples of said corruption Berger only speaks in circles and never delivers specifics. See Monday night's meeting, and the July 2012 meeting when they took away his travel privileges.

On top of all that, he is an embarrassment to NHC. In-and-out of court for domestic disputes, driving without a license or insurance, violating a protective order, and DUI. Then the scene with the Governor.

I mean... come on.


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