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Teacher guidelines?

Sure we can use students grades

Dumb the curriculum down so everyone gets an A or a B. Teacher wins children lose. And WE sit back and wonder why our kids are falling behind again.

Keep the curriculum tough and we fire teachers and get new ones in who have the same problem.
Kids lose and teacher wins, again.

All the while our kids come home from school and play video games or are on their cell phones, listening to their iPads or what have you. When "we" come home its dinner then it's? Yep TV and bed.
Rinse and repeat

I have a hard time when it comes to teachers and how do we measure them. A teacher cannot be held responsible when the parents don't instill good study habits in their kids. Teachers cannot be held responsible for lazy students.
But I do agree this should be more like the private sector. Make the school week 40 hours long and 50 weeks a year. Oh I can "give" a a little on this - make it from 8:30am to 5:30pm but give them a 44 week year.
The problem with this is that PARENTS object to it (as do teachers). Yet this type of school year is prevalent in countries like Japan, Korea, Britain and Germany.
As Parents we want whats best for our kids so long as it doesn't interfere with our precious schedules. As a society we've become lazy and complacent.
In the private sector goals are laid out, and meeting them is a personal responsibility that has very little other party's involvement.
Teaching is all about other party's (student) involvement with the parents acting as third parties. In a sense, a teacher only controls 1/3 of his job environment. Hard to judge personal performance on that.

But I think we can make adjustments to the "job" of education that will benefit us all.



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