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"Based on the results of the test, those who perform in the bottom 25 percent should be executed." Duh. I am questioning your intelligence with ideas like that. Children do not ask to be born from low IQ parents. Not all intelligent people score high on IQ tests. A lot of us are intelligent in ways that others are not. Not all people whom you would consider unintelligent have children to excess. The problem is not with IQ it is with commonsense which many people including yourself are greatly lacking. I know many intelligent people who can not fix minor household items Ex: simple plumbing, automobiles, appliances, Pc's. While I have never scored high on IQ tests and am a female I can do these things plus much more. Plus I can cook ! My Father is a mechanical engineer, all my cousins are Doctors, my sister & niece's IQ is probably higher than theirs. My son scored at 12th grade levels in the 4th grade and has a 1400 on his SATs. He came from very average parents who would have probably failed your test. High IQ people do not produce high IQ babies. Their children are raised in more enriching environments. The lower IQ, usually lower income parents can not provide that or they do not have the wherewithal or commonsense to raise their children properly. You can go to college and get numerous degrees but if you have no commonsense you wont get very far in the real world. So work on your commonsense first and maybe with your brilliance you can think of a solution better than murder to correct the lack of commonsense in the world and fix those ratios.


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