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Case in Point - Mopeds

I have been reading the comments all week about mopeds and requiring moped drivers to have insurance, pay taxes, and get a moped driving license. I totally agree!

Case in point: I was driving to work in Wilmington 74/76 just off of the Village Road Exit yesterday morning around 7:15am. I was about 5 cars behind an 18 wheeler and all the cars and the semi were hitting brake lights repeatedly. I saw a moped just to the right side and in front of the 18 wheeler. The moped was swerving to the left, in front of the semi. When the coast was clear to pass the moped, the semi put on the directional and started to move into the left lane to pass. The fool on the moped then disappeared to the left as well, even out of my sight because he was actually moving with the semi towards the left lane. So the truck driver would lose his opportunity to pass for fear of hitting the moped directly in front of him and slide back the right lane. When he/she did, the moped moved over to the right as well, back towards the shoulder, and I could see it again. This happened 3 times, over and over, until the truck was able to pass this idiot. I was scared to death that this was going to be a very ugly scene, but it was obvious that either the driver was intoxicated, provoking the trucker, or just an idiot.

Most importantly, we need to get these people off the major highways and roadways. They are a danger because they go too slow for traffic conditions, are obsticals and distractions, and if they hit you or you hit them, watch out buddy, because it is your insurance that will take the brunt of it. They don't care.


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