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I plan to retire in eastern

I plan to retire in eastern NC and like the policy of defining some category of light mobility for very inexpensive transport. The wear and tear on the road is minimal and covered by gas tax. Individual insurance for vehicles that small would be disproportionately administrative expense. I would propose a license so anyone stopped for a violation would have a valid i.d. to present and it would count negatively against that individual. Figure the historic risk of liability posed by mopeds and spread that risk over the drivers as part of the license fee. An individuals fee would be a base cost of say $50 and require passing a basic road rules computer test. The renewal fee could go up steeply if negative points or an accident are on your record. Enforce the rules for speed etc. First offense gets a fine, second offense within a couple years or no i.d. license gets your bike impounded. That should give incentive to drive safely and follow the rules while providing a fund for the liability claims from denting a car or hitting a pedestrian. The idea of pooling risk in a government fund is sort of like some of the hurricane or flood programs for homeowners. Currently I drive a full size motorcycle but can remember being young poor and mobility limited.


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