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Actually, YOU might have a

Actually, YOU might have a public transit system, but not all localities do. We live in a very rural area and ours doesn't. Along with that assumption, many of the people who posted on this forum need to stop making the assumption that everyone who uses a scooter has had their driving privileges revoked or suspended, for whatever reason. I have a 19 year old who had an aneurysm when she was 12. She was left with a loss in peripheral field that precludes her from getting a driver's license. In no way has her field loss impaired her ability to walk down a street, ride a bike, play ball, obtain gainful full-time employment as an electrician's apprentice, enroll and attend college, etc. Are you seriously suggesting she just thrown her hands up in the air, consider herself completely disabled, and sponge off the government and taxpayers for the rest of her life instead of being a useful, functioning member of society? I guess, in your narrow minded way of thinking, she should just leave for work a day early or start walking to work two days ahead of schedule so she can make the 42 mile trip and still be on time. Or better yet, stop assuming the roads are strictly for your use. And for the record ... 80-100 mpg for gas ... in today's economy ... sounds like the moped/scooter riders have been using more of their noodles than we have. I'm already tempted to join them on the road.


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