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NC needs to get their act together

First off let me say a big THANKS to NC for taking my job away in the middle of winter, when the economy is so bad! I worked for one of these places for a while. It paid my rent & put food on my table. It does not make me a bad person. Second, I'm very confused as to why so many ppl group the small amount of ppl that spent their last dime in with the rest of the gambling community. Most of my customers set a spending limit for themselves & when it was gone, so were they! Contrary to belief, ppl do still have self control now days, especially since the economy is still in a rut. Also, most of my customers could play on the same $20 for hrs & this was a form of entertainment for them to sit back, relax, talk to others & enjoy themselves. taking my job, I'm losing my house bc I cannot afford my rent & there are no jobs in the small town I live in! What am I supposed to do now, live out of my truck? Thank God the cold weather is almost gone. The landlord we rented our store from is not being paid & less money is going back into the community. We had many ppl come from GA to play as well (that's more money going into our community , ie gas, food & other retail businesses). WAY TO GO NC...WAY TO GO! That brings me to the state lottery & bingo issue, how is it any different? Oh I know, bc the ST isn't getting theirs! I'm all for legalizing the sweepstakes businesses (the right way by regulating) so I can provide for my family. The ST of NC has no right telling ppl how to spend their hard earned money! I'm sure Harrah's has their hand in the ST pocket too. VOTE YES ON NC HOUSE BILL 547 ASAP PLEASE!!!!


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