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Lil' Wayne

Guess when Lil' Wayne realized that he wasn't going to be getting high ticket sales he decided to sit on the bus a refuse to perform. How far into the anticipated arrival did he realize he wasn't going to even get off the bus? There are a few things that come to mind... There are some parents that actually pay attention to what is going on within the entertainment world, with his current legal situations I am sure that alot of parents would find other entertainment for their children....with his gang affiliation most parents would openly NOT let their children go... after all he has openly admitted he is in a gang, which the school systems strongly oppose. Or was it maybe that there really aren't that many Lil' Wayne fans around the area? Does he really think he is that popular? This isn't LA or NY. Why did he want it inside? Why not some place like Legion Stadium? If the school system ends up paying him, then it will be a valuable lesson learned. Costly, But let's all get a closer look at that contract, does it say on there that if ticket sales are lower than anticipated the performer should sit outside on a bus? That he should not even appear? This is just another way for someone to get money for doing nothing. So he feels we should pay him $10,000.00 because he stayed on the bus? I would imagine this is not the first "failure to appear" for him professionally or legally for that matter. My message to you Lil' Wayne, you may not be as well liked as you would want everyone to think you are, and you don't deserve money for something you didn't do. Guess your other legal fees have gotten so high that you now have to sue high school systems to get those lawyers paid for your "other" legal problems


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