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Lil Wayne is not in any gang. He is a liar, fake, and a phony. I can't stand it when people start claiming anything just cause they think it's cool. Like someone said earlier. It is "ALL AN IMAGE". Just cause he grew up in the hood don't make him in a gang. Who is his so called O.G.? How long he been in? He's a newbanger. Either way it goes it was WAYYYYYYYY DUMB to have him perform at the school. What are we teaching our kids? And we wonder why they act the way they do. Regardless to Lil Wayne faking the funk....look at the messages he sends out and yes our kids do listen!!! Being "hood" ain't (yes I said ain't) all it is cracked up to be. No musicians blasting hookers, drugs, banging, selling drugs, and anything slightly related to that category should be allowed in our schools. Entertainers gotta make their money but it doesn't have to be from our supporting them in our schools. We are sending our kids mixed messages when we do that. Who is to blame? We all our when we let it go on!!!!


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