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You are exactly right, on

You are exactly right, on the utilities side it is easy to see where their expense's have increased, from Obamacare for their employees, to increased fuel prices for their vehicles, the president is against the coal industry, not to mention they are forced to extort us for some b/s green energy plan, so it's easy to see why their operating expenses have increased, power is still the best deal we get, most peoples gas bill and phone plans run more.

On the other hand, insurance increase's are hard to justify, used to be we bought a homeowners policy and everything was covered, now we have to buy a policy for every imageanable possibility, we had a chance to in Nov to get the NC democratic insurance commissioner out but somebody dropped the ball, the bottom line is power is a lot better deal than fuel, insurance or just about anything we use as consumers, and no, I don't even own power stock.


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