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I'm NOT the only one Whom agrees..

Credits Karl Denninger via The Market


I have a general policy that when something pisses me off enough to want to throw things at my TV I go have a drink and refuse to write on it until having slept first.

Sometimes I wake up with a different perspective.

And sometimes not.

This is one of the "nots."

Last night, unless you live in a cave, you know that the second bombing suspect was captured alive. The first one died from a combination of bullets and being run over by his brother in a carjacked vehicle trying to escape.

Yeah, that really nice kid who we now have in custody ran over his brother.

But let's take a look at the facts, shall we?

Such as the fact that despite every news anchor and many of the people in Boston pumping their fists and screaming "USA!" along with lauding law enforcement, the fact is that law enforcement could not find its ass with both hands.

It doesn't stop there. Oh no, by effectively occupying a part of the Boston metro area they made an utter mockery of the 4th Amendment. There was no "hot pursuit" and thus no argument available to them allowing searches of private property without consent or a warrant. Not only did they search without a warrant there were multiple reports through the day of seizure of firearms, among other things.

The Constitutional Rights of an entire town, some 30,000 residents, were wantonly and outrageously violated yesterday, yet not one media outlet is focusing there.

Nor are they focusing on the fact that after a full day of undeclared and illegal martial law, complete with "papers please", unconstitutional searches and seizures and military hardware and weapons all over the streets (heh Barack, what was that crap about "weapons of war"?) the cops FAILED to find the jackass.

Instead, within a half-hour of the "can't find our ass with both hands" cops giving up on locking down the town an ordinary citizen finds the bad guy in his boat.

In 30 minutes "We the people" do what thousands of cops spending millions of dollars and violating the rights of every citizen in the town could not and the people did it without all that fancy military hardware too.

So what do the cops do? They shoot at and destroy the boat, of course, in "convincing" the bad guy to come out. Boats you see, must not have extra holes in them or they don't float very well. The cops added many extra holes and a few flash-bangs to the mix too, despite knowing that the vessel had a full tank of fuel on board and might catch on fire or explode. It didn't, fortunately, but that's small consolation to the owner who is almost-certain to see both the city refuse to pay for the damage and his insurance company refuse to cover it too (look in your policy; in general such "acts of war, declare or undeclared" are considered non-covered perils.) Never mind that the guy actually doing the warlike things (the terrorist) didn't cause the damage -- the cops did.

Was there anything the cops did right? Well, yeah, I suppose. Their fancy FLIR gear on the chopper, once pointed out where to look by the homeowner, did detect the heat of the jackass in the boat. Ok. Wow man, technology. I'm supposed to be impressed by this after the specific location of the bad guy was pointed out by the homeowner who saw him in the boat and called the police?


Massive, outrageous, millions of dollars in overtime and worthless hardware FAIL, to go along with a citizenry that cowered in abject fear of a couple of jackasses.

Not only did the terrorists win they learned that we're cowards. We will hide in the closet shaking like a leaf in a hurricane and let them get away for hours or even days instead of going about our business, observing what's different, reporting what doesn't make sense and arming ourselves so we can defend ourselves if, in the gravest extreme, they decide to do so something outrageous.

Massachusetts has some of the "toughest" gun laws in the nation. They are an abject failure as well. In 1998 they were passed and signed by a Republican. The state went from 1.5 million active gun licenses to under 200,000. Not only did murders double from 1998 to 2011 and robberies increase by more than 20% but the state was just targeted by two murderous jackasses who blew up a number of innocent people. The national murder and violent crime rate, on the other hand, has been falling since the early 1990s. Gee, you don't think the lack of people's ability to defend themselves might have something to do with all that, do you? Don't expect the media to call Massachusetts or its former governors on this fact and its contribution to the blown-off legs of the victims at the Marathon.

I'm glad the remaining bastard suspect (remember, he's a suspect until proven guilty in a court of law) has been caught and will face trial. I'm of mixed view whether or not he should be considered an ordinary criminal or an enemy combatant. We don't know enough to make that call here and now in the general public. What we do know is that the FBI knew damn well that the older brother was a problem and had been watching him and worse, they lied about it when asked by the media, denying they had contact with him until the family went public with the facts.

We have learned many things over the last week, and none of them are good. We have learned that an entire major city is full of ?@%&^* who will hide in the closet rather than sling a rifle or holster a pistol and go about their business, refusing to be cowed by a couple of murderous jackasses. We have learned that the FBI will and does lie to the public and only stops lying when called on it in the media. Just as before 9/11 when the FBI knew damn well that the towelheads were buying simulator time with thousands of dollars in cash and not wanting to know how to land and did nothing with the information to interdict the jackasses who would use that knowledge to murder 3,000 people this time around they knew there was a problem as well and tried to lie about it. This in turn means that if they come talk to you you must assume they're going to lie as well -- and maybe lie about what you tell them. This makes it downright stupid for you to help law enforcement in any way, and that makes us all far less safe if for no other reason than repeatedly-demonstrated and very-official gross negligence. Never mind that the younger brother appears to have a nice online history too which was also ignored and he was actually out partying in the local area after the bombing. We have learned that the older of these two clowns had a domestic violence history which made him eligible to be deported and we did nothing to revoke his green card, thereby effectively giving him license to commit his murders. We naturalized the younger brother despite knowing the above. We have government agents sticking their hands down the crotch of 80 year old dying Grandmas with leukemia in airports, fondling her adult diaper instead of interdicting jackasses like this. We have learned that two young men willing to die for their alleged belief that 27 virgins await them in paradise (who I suspect are both male and literal gorillas, if they exist at all) can shut down all economic activity among a city of millions and strand thousands more, which means that fewer than a hundred said jackasses could literally destroy our economy. If you think I'm divulging some "state secret" by mentioning this you're not very bright either; we televised this fact all day, on every channel, throughout Friday. We learned that thousands of cops, despite being all geared-up and full of %?#, can't find one jackass that the people can and do locate in a half hour with no special training and no fancy hardware. We also learned that in a real assault the so-called "good guys" will wear digital camo in an urban environment that sticks out like a sore thumb against everything in the area. FAIL!

And finally we learned that The Constitution is used toilet paper and a fetid relic of our former (and now-shelved in favor of American Idol) imagination, and that the founders who fought just miles from where this took place are looking down on us in shame from heaven -- we no longer merit the nation they left us.

Wake up America -- if our nation can be said to still exist.


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