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wow...WOW. 'nuff said by someone who gets it!! I would like to think the majority in this country gets it as well. It's only because the MAIN STREET MEDIA gives credence to mostly freedom surrendering socialist liberals. Thank god at least enough people in congress felt the heat of the true American spirit in that ludicrous gun ban and grab bill that they wanted to run down our throats. Don't think these zealots in DC including "your" guy in the White House won't stop at nothing to ram their radical ideology down your throat whether you like it or not...and be damned the constitution as well..they know best! You are right to raise the red flag on citizens sitting idly by and letting our God given rights to be stripped away by these power hungry politicians in which our fore fathers so vehemently warned us about. If they had their way today...these libs would rip the constitution to shreds, burn it and apply their governmental policies to control your life as they see fit. Great job on that comment Guest69. HOLD THEIR FEET TO FIRE!!


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