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Well I'll disagree

the 4th protects us against UNREASONABLE search. Court cases have demonstratated that the singular word UNreasonable is the key.
We had an armed and dangerous subject - possibly armed with explosives along with handguns. The police DID establish a 20 block perimeter around the area where the gunfight started (where subject #1 was killed) and they announced they would search those homes.
The house where subject #2 was found was just outside the perimeter if memory serves me correctly.
As for gun seizure? Tread carefully on this one. Most credible sources indicate this did NOT happen. Most folks in Watertown are probably thankful that police did in fact search their homes and gave them the all clear.
I am glad this is over but sorry that it happened.
As for these guys becoming citizens or getting cards? It would appear as though they followed the EXISTING rules - never mind any proposed immigration reforms.

I have mixed emotions about what happened in Boston and I'm not sure if this kid should be tried as an enemy combatant or put through our judicial system. Both have pro's and con's.
Most legal experts I saw on TV indicated the searches without warrants were justified by the situation. If I accept that then the 4th as not trampled over. If it were me? I'd welcome them with open arms to search my home to give me peace of mind - and I am armed. I would offer coffee to them as well.
Oh and I don't think they guy will have to worry about his boat. Many donations have poured into fund raising sites to offset medical expenses for the marathon bombing. I would venture a guess to say this guys boat will get fixed or replaced by the generosity of ordinary Americans from Boston to Santa Monica California and everywhere in between.....



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