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You know Guest6969696969...there's a 19 year old terrorist held captive for crimes beyond imagine, and his partner got what he deserved for his crimes as well...and you act and sound as though the victims are us sitting at home waiting for the Nazi Party to come and take us cattle cars??? You've lost your mind dude!
You have strayed from the issue at hand as to why the Boston Police did what they did...but it worked didn't it?...and now this 19 year old man can be held accountable for his crimes to the full extent of the law. But wait...people in Boston were subject to their homes/properties searched to catch this guy...and the people in Boston (and me) are happy...and all you can do is rant and rave about how this criminal was caught.
A bit of advice...hide your IP Address on your computer as best you can...or they will be after you in a New York minute.
Oh you have that to bitc* about. Well have at it.
The survivors of the bombings in Boston would look at your remarks as though you were off center just a bit...and most of the world would too.
Have fun in your paranoid world...and be sure NOT to let anyone in...and keep your doors dead bolted as best you can!


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