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Jobs? The well paying ones go to those from out of state

Yes, the movie industry provides jobs. However, most of the money is paid to people and companies from out of state. The red and white trucks at EVERY production - Georgia. Talent,and technical? Not from here. They rent long enough to get through the production, but they are residents of California, New York, or states with no state income tax like Florida. Catering? Paid to companies that are from out of state. Just look at all the license plates when they block off half of downtown - for free.

Lots of OT for fire and police - which is a good thing, since they really need it, AND they live here. Extras? At little as they can pay - and - I'm sure all the extras here locally are claiming their pay as income, and paying SS and other taxes? Yeah, OK.

These productions have NO ties to Wilmington, and as an example, even if that "no power" show gets renewed next season, they are done with Wilmington. So much for how much "they love Wilmington".

And... for those that think promoting this bill is just the Republicans, it's not. There's six dems on that bill too.


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