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Rally for NC Film

If you were at the rally you would know that Bill Vasser - VP @ Screen Gems - did speak. He started out the rally and introduced Safo after a statement. The last speaker was Tim Bourne a producer & assistant director in the industry. He spoke for the crew, the unions - he's a member of the DGA (Director's Guild of America.)
As far as the other comments: get your facts straight. The millions poured into the local and state economy from film are easy money. Nothing is torn down, forests aren't destroyed, the air isn't polluted, the wages are very good.
Those in attendance were majority film crew: camera operators, grips, electricians, locations, assistant directors, assistants. All well paid and all very skilled at their crafts.
The simple explanation of how the incentive works: a production comes in. Spends money - minimum of $250k - for the production. Once the shoot is complete and the money has already been spent - let me repeat that: already been spent - the state audits the productions expenses and verifies the amounts and the validity of the expenses. Once the audit is done, the state issues a tax credit for 25% of what was spent - again, of what was spent. If there is no tax liability a refund check is then drafted. Since the money has to be spent first, the money is already there. The money doesn't take funds from other areas of the budget. Remove film from NC and the amount of money locally and statewide these productions bring in will be noticed. Remove film and 1500+ people who work on the industry will have to move. Taking their incomes and their taxes with them.
The film incentive requires $$ to be spent first. How did the Dell incentive work out for us? Oh yeah, they never came...


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