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Correct Tom, BUT.......

In a representative republic we can demonstrate here to show our representatives how we feel and they should vote accordingly.
You seem to think that effort indicates tenacity - perhaps you are right - but given that speech is free and our government is set-up the way it is then it should follow that a demonstration at home is just as effective as demonstrating in Raleigh.
Now, that being said - we hit the real crux of the problem - the tax credit causes a hit to the general fund through either out right payments or reduced revenue collection. This fund includes payroll taxes paid by all North Carolinians - sales taxes paid by all North Carolinians and so on.
Do they want to see a portion of their tax dollars used to support an industry that does not affect 99% of them, their districts or their counties? How often has a movie been filmed in say, Tarheel? Or perhaps Cerro gordo?
Incentives are troubling because they are handed out by politicians for the benefit of a specific company who's impact is limited to a small area.
On the grand scale SC is now talking about increasing the tax credit from 10% to 20% and reducing the corporate tax further.
So the movie makers got what they wanted. They have succeeded in pitting NC against SC and before you know it we will be paying them, as opposed to reducing their taxes, to film here.

McCrory and Legislature went down the slippery slope with MetLife now the film industry is piling on and other states are joining in.
A very big and soon to be costly mistake IMHO



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