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Yep I agree

Permanent jobs are far better for NC then temporary ones are.
With permanent jobs the accumulated income taxes collected far outweigh the incentives given over time.
I also agree with a previous post you made that incentive supporters have done a terrible job showing or proving their economic impact point.

But here is a thought for you. Everyone talks about how the movie industry impacts this area and the ballpark situation got me to researching this "multiplier affect" as used by IMPLAN which is the basis of all the economic impact statements made here and during the ballpark debate.
If memory serves me correctly - the multipliers are only effectively used for permanent jobs.

Supporters of incentives are using WAG's as to the true impact that a film production would have on this area.
And while it is a clean industry - that is not the debate here.
Verizon is clean - PPD is clean - both received incentives from the city or county.
But those two company's have now caused MILLIONS of dollars in total revenues to go into city, county and state coffers from income, property and sales taxes paid by them and the employees working there, permanently living here, and shopping here.

But the main source of profit for the film industry are royalties paid AFTER the movie has been made - which goes to into a very small number of "pockets" and typically does not include anyone here in NC.
Their impact seems to be much smaller - but because it's clean and because it's considered artistic and because there might be a mega star possibly coming to the Port City from time to time we go all "gaga" over this industry.
I harken back to a statement I made previously:
"So the movie makers got what they wanted. They have succeeded in pitting NC against SC and before you know it we will be paying them, as opposed to reducing their taxes, to film here."
Add to NC and SC, CA, GA, and LS - and I would have to say the movie industry is extorting money from the states.........



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