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NC crew, cast, caterers, actors, restaurants, frame shops, lumber yards, paint stores, car rental agencies, florists, antique stores, fabric shops, hardware stores, hotels, etc. etc. were EMPLOYED AND MADE MONEY from the film industry. The film industry pays full sales tax as well as payroll tax and unemployment insurance. We local crew also pay income, sales, property tax as well.

And you propose to tax them further rather than giving a 25% rebate on the tax they've already spent?

"Our" people are not unemployed as long as the film productions continue to come in. When the area hosts 3-4 shows going on at a time, as it is now, I'd bet the local crew is experiencing full employment. In fact, we could really use a few more people in certain departments: carpenters, painters, set dressers, lighting electricians and grips are almost always in short supply when it's busy in the Wilmington area.

(Funny how you mention PPD. They received incentives from the county and city to relocate downtown. Soon afterwards, Fred Eshelman sold to a German company that laid off local workers. Did the city or county get any refund then?)


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