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Evan's arrest/ignorance about addiction

In response to your disturbing post that and I quote "there no saving her now...she is a heroin addict and always will be" I have to speak up about your obvious ignorance. Jenelle is a very young girl and I assume has many mental/social (have you ever witnessed her mother in action?) issues that she's been living through for her whole life. Yes she is self medicating the pain and already having an addictive personality made her a clear target. She was already on the fast track to self destruction. Clearly she found something to ease her troubled mind & if you are familiar with Wilmington then you would know that getting heroin is as easy as getting Girl Scout cookies. This is very sad but there is hope for her yet but only if she's serious about wanting/needing the help that she so desperately needs. I was DISGUSTED by the comment you made about her basically being a "lost soul" yet again ignorance and uninformed people strike again!!! HA! And all this coming from someone that NEVER EVER thought I'd be able to say that I have been clean from heroin addiction for over 10years now and counting, also not looking back. To assume that she's not ever again in her young ass life going to go through getting clean then sober, I know that they say usually on average an addict tries to get clean 7 times before the true change comes. I myself have been in several in & outpatient clinics yrs ago. It took me years but I did it and I was a heroin addict since I was just 16 yrs old. I have faith that she can do it too. It's a lot of hard work esp. the first couple of yrs. but I know for a fact that if I did it then literally anyone can!!! I lost all hope for myself too, but by the grace of God and my family helping me get through the darkness of my addiction, I made it-so why can't she? Def not God, and obviously not educated enough to know that this is a disease that she's struggling with and not some kind of party she's been living through. Addiction affects millions of people. Before you cast the first stone I suggest that you check your glass house. Jenelle, keep your chin up. There are always going to be people who are going to try & keep you down, don't even give them the power. You have many years ahead of you. Start living them right and with hard work you will have the love you so desire...for YOURSELF! Best wishes to you and your family. Signed by a recovered drug addict.


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