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If anyone has

has been following this story from the beginning knows how this story unfolded.
A young woman plead guilty ending a prostitution case. She was a minor when she started. It was found out that this girl progressed from hooker to pimp and traveled between here and Winston Salem setting up the girls in hotel rooms.
OK - Hamilton then believed that our area is a hotbed for sex trafficking.
THAT info was based on the fact that NC has military bases and an extensive highway network. No facts based upon arrest records - no undercover work by police. Based upon the number of highways and number of military bases we were somehow ranked 8th nationally in the ESTIMATED amount of human trafficking taking place.
Just an estimate based upon having highways and bases.
Then Hamilton said Wilmington was hotbed of sex trafficking and very quickly retracted that statement.

Now don't get me wrong. I raised 3 girls so I am a little sensitive to women being exploited.
But Hamilton and Goolsby proposed this legislation based upon estimates and theory not records and studies. Absent these facts one can conclude that this is another in a string of feel good legislative activity. It was "easy" but not proposed based upon facts.
The pimps register based upon where they live.
I wonder how many would operate their sex trafficking operations out of their house? (this girl in the initial story was moving around).
How many arrests were made in Wilmington for prostitution last year?(One sting went bad - that's another story altogether)
It's all well and fine to sit here and say good job Goolsby good job Susie but when you go back and read the stories and how this all came about you realize our elected officials saw an opportunity to propose something that would pass and make them feel good. AND after Goolsby's election competitor ran TV ads saying Thom was trying to make it law that women have vaginal ultra sounds prior to abortion. This put Goolsby in a situation where he appeared to be anti women's rights.
He had to do something.
This is what we got.
I standby my thought in my original post.
"YOU are the most obnoxious, pandering, political fool I've seen in quite some time.
You sir, NEED a vaginal wand stuck inside YOU.........
So tell us just how many jobs bills have you sponsored?"



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