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Twenty Thousand Leagues Under the Sea

Perhaps you've been living with Captain Nemo in his cold underwatwer world of isolation and haven't kept up with current events ... or perhaps you're just unfeeling ... but ...

There's a lot of formerly middle class people, who used to have decent jobs, who're struggling to still make their mortgage payments, who no longer have the health insurance they used to have and who haven't tossed out their laptops (which are capable of picking up a free Wi-Fi signal) just because they're now out of work and because those laptops are the only effective way to send someone a resume these days. Imagine that if you can for a moment. People who now find the only solution to a dental problem is to go to a free clinic because they don't have the funds anymore to go to the dentist they've been using for the last twenty years. People who're desperate enough to endure waiting in a line for up to two whole days.

It probably isn't an easy thing for people like that, who used to be able to take care of things themselves, to have to ask others for help. Having to endure the public humiliation of being outed on TV by an unfeeling TV reporter must feel like crap. Having some unfeeling jerk like you post some snide remarks about them as well is way over the top.

Why don't you just back off and shut the hell up.


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