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Would you like some cheese with that whine?

I am wondering if you are using the word imperial as an adjective or a noun? Is it meant in a derogatory manner or complimentary? I think you meant it in a complimentary fasion and I totally agree. The word imperial in its adjective form is synonymous with words such as glorious, heroic, grand, splendid, magnificent, noble and proud. I too feel that the current Sunset Beach Government is magnificent and I am glad to see that we can agree on something, because the rest of what you have to say makes no sense at all to me and tends to represent you as a total idiot. You say that as soon as the town can be rid of Council Members Devita and Joseph, the sooner the voters and taxpayers (who are one in the same) can demand courteous and responsive behavior from so-called public servants. Hmmmm, that leaves three other Council Members. If there was an issue with public servants not being courteous and responsive, don't you think that the other three could do something about it? All five have a vote and when I last checked three votes "yes" beat the pants off of two votes "no"! Did you forget about the other three or did you just want to make a point to discredit your least favorite? As far as your other Police related false allegations, lets start with accountability. It is reported that there is a case of possible ethical misconduct that happened recently and it is being handled swiftly and decisively per District Attorney John David. Now lets go to disclosure. Everything concerning this incident has been disclosed and I would wager good money that you cannot give one example of anything that can legally be disclosed that hasn't been. If you can, then enlighten us. As far as rebuilding the public's trust, you must first lose the public's trust. I find myself paying close attention to the Town of Sunset Beach on a regular basis and I have yet to notice that any part of the Town, especially the Police Department has lost the trust of anyone! I guess what this really boils down to is that you have a poor attitude and distrust in your local officials. If that is so, why don't you move elsewhere? I don't understand how you can risk your life and property in the hands of what you think are so-called public servants!


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