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OK fellas

I get a gun -legally
I commit a felony go to court, get sentenced and go to jail.
My gun stays with? My girlfriend, wife, mother, father whoever.
Who seizes the gun?
Who enforces THAT law?
No one.
Only one state has an agency that does this. Good old liberal California.
We need to TAKE away guns from criminals
We need to confiscate them before they go off to prison
Why won't we do this? Because the moment someone says "take away" the NRA goes ballistic.

Even if it's a FELON.
The law says cannot own so a convicted felon steals them or buys them at a gun show.
I say - if the cops know he's got a gun TAKE THE DAMN THING AWAY FROM HIM.
The only time you see guns being seized is when the cops want publicity and they're seizing drugs then you see the standard guns, cash an drug photos.
Criminals will get guns but lets not make it easier for them to keep what they already have.



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