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He's a 24 time CONVICTED FELON!

It only takes one felony convction to "legally prohibit" one from owning a firearm. He had 24 convictions with one of them being murder. Do you think he ever cared about a background check? Do you think he ever cared if it was illegal for a felon to be in possession of a firearm? Do you think he gave a rats backside if the gun he possessed was stolen before he got it? Do you think he really cared before OR after he fired the bullet that murdered his second victim?

You are 100% correct! Enforce existing law, uphold and increase criminal penalties. Protect the law-abiding public instead of allowing menacing creatures of the dark like this vermin from re-circulating into AND endangering the general public! This kind of story happens everyday in every city and the legistalors think "new laws and restrictions" will reduce gun-related violence. Not in a million years!


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