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Vog, you need to wake up and smell the coffee!

First off, if you are known to be a legal firearms owner, i.e. with either a CCP or a registered weapon, I can assure you that the very first thing to be surrendered will be that firearm! That's the case even with the issuance of a 50B order (DVPO). If law enforcement is aware of ANY firearm, be it legal or not, it will be seized (along with ANY permit!)! They will not accept lies and excuses for failure to present the "known" firearm. So away with that first misconception that seems to haunt you. Give the legal system and law enforcement a little credit where due and understand where that is up front. Right now, you don't.

Second, "Even if it's a FELON"? Your primary mistake is use of the word "law". Felons DO NOT care about "law" and do not abide by "law". They do not care about what is legal or what is not, one of the primary reasons they are a "convicted felon" in the first place. Convicted Felons cannot "legally" gain ownership of a firearm in NC, therefore the ones they possess are always stolen or otherwise illegally obtained. Nobody EXCEPT criminals are making it easy for criminals to get guns. So if you keep the CRIMINALS in prison where they should be, they won't be out on the street buying illegal guns OR committing more crime. This is very basic, simple and concise. This is what our legislature should address, but NEVER does!

Vog, in premise, your statements sound valid, but this isn't the land of Kum-By-YaH and it just doesn't work the way you imagine! We need improvements desperately, but it must begin with the criminal element itself and our effectiverness in dealing with it (or lack thereof!), not the law abiding citizen!!!


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