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response - O- matic

Straight out of the NRA blog response play book.
It figures.
I fully realize criminals, by their very nature don't follow The law".
So you assume then that these criminals have their guns seized every time they commit a crime?
Can a lawyer get a search warrant for a home if the criminal used a gun to commit a crime at a 7-11? Yep for HIS residence.
If the criminal gave the gun to Dad or GF or best buddy - the gun is nowhere to be found and awaits his parole from prison. These guys may be criminasl but don't equate that with stupidity
All gun owner should be on a list!
If that gun owner commits a felony that gun should be searched for in all known places that it could be hiding. Friends family whatever.
This gets me in hot water with the 4th amendment crowd.
Do you know why I don't care?
I am a law abiding citizen - and I sure as hell don't fear the government.
They fear not my guns but my vote.
Search my home if you believe something is amiss - heck I'll INVITE YOU IN Mr. Policeman. You do not need a warrant. My guns are legal. My booze is legal and I have no recreational drugs in my home.
It's way too easy to hide a gun from the cops and most legal gun owners are stupid when it comes to safe secure storage of that weapon - making them easy to steal.
I have met the enemy, and he is us !!!



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