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I'm sorry....

I didn't mean to pull poe ol' Shannons public record and show it to everyone, but you know, it does show that there are 24 FELONY convictions (not "charges") and one misdemeanor to boot. I only wanted to point out to the general public how our judges allow people like him to migrate back into society and commit more gun related violence.

Now I realize you have a lot of spect for ol' Shannon, but tell me, Did he pass his criminal and mental background check before purchasing his firearm this time? How about last time? Did he purchase his current firearm from an FFL dealer or from one of those great guys on 4th and Castle?

We all know ol' Shannon didn't do it, not even the second time and certainly not with 23 drug-laced felony convictions on his sheet. He jussa good guy in the wrong place at the wrong tine...26 times over.

But the REAL mystery is: Why is this man allowed back on the streets to commit the same crime he just went to prison for? Why didn't the background check work? Where did he get the gun and why did he feel the need to use it...again? The basic answer is: Because he is a felon that deals with other felons...AKA CRIMINALS, no background check required, cash only.

Is your bell beginning to "ring" yet?


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