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Copy and paste works great!

It's the same thing the the Judges and DA's do every day and nobody wants to read that crap either, but stay away from CNN, it's robbing your time and conversation here with SCTom that believes he lives in NHC.

I seriously doubt you even own a firearm or are proficient with one, much less the arsenal you brag about. NO prudent gunowner would EVER want their name and address published for criminals to invade, yet you brag and welcome it. No real gunowner would have to secure their weapons uselessly in a safe WITH trigger locks and have a canine to guard them. You brag without fact, another armchair warrior to spout only for spouting without basis. Your're full of bull Vog.

I am a law abiding citizen as well. I have nothing to fear, not even my legal ownership or USE of my firearms...should the need arise.


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