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Got to you didn't I?

Instead of refuting the info in the links you attack the poster.
20 years in the Army
Worked another 20 and retired.
There are 3 guns in my "home".
I switched from my old 45cal to a 9mm because I recognize that I am aging and I'm not the young strong soldier I used to be.
That said - use your head.
I have absolutely no fear of losing my life - I got over that a long time ago.
What YOU can't stand is the fact that I'm a gun owner and prefer to have guns more "regulated".
You HATE the fact that I agree that criminals should spend more time in jail but that I also say that the cops should search and seize the gun used.
You HATE the fact that I support gun ownership but you cannot accept the premise that gun owners should make it very hard for those weapons to get stolen.
You HATE the fact that I say I own and that I believe their should be a list (public or private) of gun owners and what they have. I say these things not to get you mad but to insure the safety of those around you, me and our homes, where guns may be stored. And to protect the LEO's that are going after the criminals that are trying to steal my weapons.
We seem to think that EVERYONE should be armed and that mutually assured destruction (MAD) works on the individual level. It does not. Most killers have the drop on their victims so it doesn't matter how well armed we might be. It is not a duel where we pace off 10 steps, turn and fire. It's not the OK Corral. This guy had his weapon drawn and "off-d" a guy. This guy and Prouty down town had NO CHANCE. Most murders happen that way.
You are correct that Judges and DA's are not helping - but nor is the NRA. In our haste to protect the 2nd Amendment we have tacitly told Judges and DA's - prosecute them forcefully - but - BUT these guys are entitled to get their gun rights back as NC laws permits - because after all it is a RIGHT.
We make far too many exceptions to rules and punishments and in doing so weaken the very foundation upon which our rights are granted.
Then we rail against Judges and DA's for allowing these exceptions to exist.
Felons should not be allowed to own guns but law enforcement people are hamstrung to prevent it.
Read the links and you'll see why.
Legislators are also involved in this. So we have the Judiciary sentencing and shortening prison stays, but then we have the Legislative and Administrative branches of government being very effectively lobbied to make gun laws kind to gun owners.
The best way is to make it tough for all. Make it FATAL to commit a second crime using a gun as in this case(accessory or not).
But if a criminal steals a gun the LEOs should find out how easy it was to steal. If it was locked when un-attended? No problems. If it was left in the open while we were at work? Perhaps that person shouldn't own a gun because they forgot the responsibility part of gun ownership.
Sure make sentences longer. Make it impossible for psycho's to get a hold of guns. But how will they be able to determine if you are psycho?
Perhaps Goolsby can propose another Registry
We'll call it the psycho registry. If you are depressed you have to sign the registry. You take anti depressants? Sign the registry.
But just how will an LEO check against gun ownership or CWP possession and what means do they have to say "Vog - you've gone off your rocker and you signed the guest book - please give me your guns."
No we say we fear the government,and must maintain our arms against this government - but then fault the government for proposing weakened rules.
The judiciary is part of our government the last time I checked.
As I've said "I've met the enemy and it is us."



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