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Believe it or not...

..there ARE a lot of people smarter than you, especially after the baseless, rambling comments you tend to repeat over and over. READ this! If a Felon steals a gun, it WILL be seized If and ONLY IF it can be found! What part of that do you NOT understand Vog? Get off of CNN and go talk personally with the police leaders to find the law AND how they enforce it instead of speculating your garbage. Felons are NOT allowed to possess firearms...period! A simple DWI gets a CCP revoked immediately. A DVPO gets "legal" weapons siezed immediately. What part are you missing here? The grand scale of the problem is allowing multiple convicted Felons with records a mile long back into society to repeat what they went to jail for...just like this idiot! For the life of me, I can't recall ONE SINGLE incident OR statement from ANYONE or any GROUP advocating that criminals or mental cases should be in possession of a firearm, legal or not. Show that to us!

In MY home, I'll keep my weapons exactly as I like! I double lock my doors which is an indicator that you do not come in unless invited. THAT is MY lock, it is perfectly legal, appropriate and effective. I don't need anyone to tell me anything about how to "secure" my weapons against theiving felons while they are on the property I paid for and own, ok? You go ahead and triple lock your guns and keep them as safe queens. Defend yourself with your mutt and your cane brave guy.

And stop your incessant beating down of the NRA. I'm not even a member and am tired of it! Suggesting that NC do ANYTHING resembling that what the state of California does is absolutely the most insane, counterproductive and rediculous statement I've ever heard!!! Have you had a double dose of Geritol today er what?


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