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Glad you like my Moniker "Very Old Guy"... may take of it as you will. The fact is, you just can't beat facts and facts are what I provide for the public to read. We all know what criminals do and we all know what law-abiding citizens do. There IS a difference! I'm all for the reduction or elimination of gun-related violence against innocent people, don't care what the criminals do to each other, but it must be an effective method. No more "feel-good", "we've done this, we've done that" smoke and mirrors crap without any results other than grasping for votes

When an individual has 3 or more violent felonies, he/she has proven their stance in the ability (or lack thereof) to function in our society. When you KNOW you have a snake, you either kill it or put it in a cage where it belongs. Lifetime, multiple felons are nothing other than simple snakes.

More prisons? Hell yes! You restructure the system so that the prisoners themselves pay for them. Make them hours a day. Live in tent cites, no TV , no workout facilities, shower once a week and live under the gleam of a double barrel shotgun 24 hrs a day. We currently have the "California method" of incarceration in place that you brag of so dearly and it isn't working! I'm ALL FOR the Maricopa County method! If Obama wants change, here's a damned good place to start! If you make it where they don't like it, they just may decide to shape up and NOT want to come back. If they do like it? They can remain there for the remainder of their worthless lives and leave the law abiding men, women and children to SAFELY go about their business!

One more little thing! Our current probation and parole laws allow a Parole officer to conduct random searches of their parolees AND their living quarters at any given time WITH the ability to sieze AND charge them with the discovery of prohibited contraband. We just need to recruit officers that graduated at least the 10th grade! Or we just don't parole them at all, especially if they're a risk!


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