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If you get depressed who comes to take your gun because you are now considered a psycho?

If I decide after all these years to commit a felony and give my gun to my daughter to hold for when I get out. Who looks for the gun? And how?

Stop the rambling yourself. I used to belong to the NRA but they politicized gun ownership so much they took the "sport" out of it. They also used my "dues" for political purposes - I belonged to a union once, and they collected dues for political purposes, I hated it then and I hated the NRA for doing it too.

If Mrs Lanza had her weapons in the open for Adam to get after he shot her is she a responsible gun owner? Her son was verify-ably crazy. If he was crazy how could an LEO check to see if the place where he lives has any weapons?

Finally - with the proposed new laws that say you can carry in restaurants, please tell me WITH CERTAINTY that a person with a CWP will not drink, EVER, when carrying?
We sit here and want to believe that all gun owners are good and CWP permit holders are law abiding citizens - and will be forever.
Yet we know people change - we know they "slip up". They will take that "Oh I can have just one" drink. That will turn into 2 then 3. We know that mental illness can strike any time.
Yes criminals by their very nature don't adhere to laws. If we locked up every one would crime stop? No because there are new criminals born every day. There are people diagnosed as crazy every day. Doctor's prescribe mood altering drugs and pain pills like crazy - clouding people's judgement (and aim) yet no one says - "Oh if you own a gun you might want to think about locking it up till your done with this medicine."

Human nature makes us prone to failure. It will happen as sure as the sun rises. That's why when someone says "CWP holders are already vetted" I say yep for that day for that time but people change, they take chances, they have their judgement clouded by drink and drugs.
Judges impose weak sentences and release prisoners too soon. Legislators propose laws with no teeth and restore "rights" too often and too soon. Administrations do the same proposing.
Yet we blame them all for our failings.



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