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Hypothetical scenarios...again.

I can agree that the mental health issues may be more difficult to deal with. Far too may diagnosees are kept under the carpet and hidden so that the person isn't "labeled". Adam Lanza is a perfect example. If his parents had taken the appropriate action, he may have received the appropriate treatment and possibly averted that disaster. Remember that Lanza murdered his own mother to gain access to her weapons. I had an ex-stepson that was diagnosed with Anti-Social personality behavior many years ago. The psychiatrist immediately notified his school, workplace and scanned law enforcement for weapons possession. There is more in place than you seem to realize.

Hypothetical scenarios can always be developed, excuses as to why NOT to institute effective deterrants are commonly made, especially with legislators, but the fact remains that what is in place does not work and is not effective. Change is in order. Big change. EFFECTIVE change. It's there, but nobody is pursing it.

As for CCP holders, nothing and nobody is perfect. Just as we have lousy doctors, lawyers and engineers, we will have lousy CCP holders as well. For the great majority though, I feel that an effective program of candidate screening exists to license upstandingly law-abiding citizens with a somewhat extensive history. I know of several that have been denied for very obscure reasons and know for a fact that the checks are in place. We have to rely on the investigative backgound checks to tell us with a reasonable assertion that the individual will maintain his lawful compliance and be even further compliant with his/her new responsibility as a CCP holder. That license does come with great responsibility and seriousness. Hypothetical scenarios of the "legal eagle" going off the deep end and becoming bi-polar or instantly deciding to become an armed lush IS possible, it just isn't very likely and very certainly NOT commonplace by any means of the imagination. Just as we have people with cardiovascular disease driving trucks that could have a heart attack at the wheel. It can happen, but normally doesn't. I can invent another 1000 scenarios of that magnitude that CAN kill people every day, but most likely...will not. I can tell you with absolute certainty that I would never consume alcohol odf the tiniest amount while carrying. I cannot speak for others, but those I know are parallel. I didn't obtain my CCP to walk around armed, just don't feel the need for it as I don't venture downtown at night. My primary purpose is to be armed as I travel and I always am.

Again, let's see a focus on solution rather than make hypothetical excuses as why new and untried methods won't work. Especially when we KNOW the ones we have in place certainly don't.


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