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Nice try

But you obfuscate the facts.
Lets see I don't clearly love the California method of incarceration and have never stated as such. I especially like prisoners working but that entails some other issues
As far as probation and parole? Yep they can and do perform random searches and yep criminals are not stupid they'll keep their guns elsewhere and yep they'll keep their stash of drugs elsewhere too.
But you ASSUME that if all felons are locked up there will be no more felons.
Funny but you don't suppose someone could TURN to a life of crime do you?
So what about that law abiding citizen that turns?
What about that law abiding citizen that goes pscyho.
No probation officer will check for their guns will they?
Heck the law says his diagnosis of being crazy is protected under HIPPA.

I would love to think that all law abiding citizens STAY that way
But they don't....



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