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" I'm ALL FOR the Maricopa County method!"

Amen to that.
Of course if you want burglaries assaults and rapes to go down thats all well and fine.
But there's still something amiss in Maricopa cou ty:

" The graph shows rates of violent crime in Arizona jurisdictions from 2002 to 2009. Violent crime rates are all down — statewide numbers included — except for in Maricopa County, the jurisdiction of pro-enforcement Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Crime in Arpaio’s county has gone up 58 percent since 2002, according to America’s Voice data"

The numbers are skewed by the fact that population growth in Maricopa far exceeds that of the rest of the state and the graph only addresses violent crime as overall crime rates are down, even in Maricopa - so I think the Sheriff in on the right track. He's just too full of himself thas all but I agree with his outlook on incarceration, it should not be a good time.
But the main point is you CAN take them off the streets - but that doesn't stop the problem. More felons are created every day. In Maricopa county they take in more felons every day as immigrants stream in from mexico.
Here in NC we just breed more of them.
So although it would reduce "crime" and take some felons off the street time in prison does not stop crime on the street.
There's no easy answers thats for sure.
But we shouldn't make it easy for felons, or people about to become felons to get, carry or use guns. The problem is how?
Unfortunately the answer partially lies in a very open society. A doctor who says "Vog, you've done lost your mind" will not, and cannot call an LEO to tell them I've "lost it" - until after it's too late. And if I have "lost it" I get to go to crazy prison - no work, and feel good drugs all day long.

It happens - even to the best of us. And I hate it.
People snap - they start drinking, or doing drugs.
Their thinking goes awry.
And that once proud, law abiding person is now just an accident waiting to happen. That's why NO ONE can tell me that CWP holders are and will always be law abiding. That's why they can't tell me they'd NEVER take a drink when carrying. It happens.
But lets not encourage it - lets not increase the chances it COULD happen. That's why I'm against guns in bars.
It's also why I'm for some open-ness about gun ownership. Somebody has got to be checking on us. Who? The cops? A Doctor? The NRA? They won't do it - too much liability involved.
We are both right on this issue we are too soft on criminals and make it too easy to get guns - even after committing the crimes.
But in the meantime there's no laws, no agencies that can and should be checking on current gun owners - because we don't want them do. We fear that any law pertaining to us will take away our guns.
Give it a rest - Scalia said "there are restrictions - certainly there are."
To gun laws
The trick is to find those restrictions that don't prohibit law abiding citizens from getting them, or keeping them.


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