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Thank you

A reasoned response.
Solutions? More open-ness regarding background checks may be in order.
Doctors in particular prescribe meds that affect our abilities to use or carry safely. I TOLD my Doc about my guns before they replaced my knee.
My wife assured him that she would control the weapons until such time as I was "right" (she took my key ring as well keeping the car and the weapons off limits until I was off the Rx pain drugs). She knew that if I had asked she would have gone to a friend we know to see if there was a way to hold them until I was "sober".
I never asked so she was relieved.
I pride myself on being careful with them and I do not understand how weapons can be left out.
In Lanza's case I bet the question was NEVER asked by the shrink - "do YOU own any guns Mrs Lanza? If so consider a remote storage place for the time being."
And unfortunately O-matic I have seen family members develop mental illness problems after a long period of normal psychological activity. I've seen 40 year olds all of the sudden becoming depressed. it happens way more than you think.
We need to take guns away from felons - no doubt, and I'm FOR permanent revocation of gun rights for felons. I'm also for Life without parole or the Death penalty for those that get to a felony committed with an illegal gun as a second offense.
Scenarios play an important part of thinking about solutions. Yes I can think of many. Unfortunately the argument AGAINST new gun laws has centered around previously convicted felons and crazy people.
Under Obama gun ownership has grown substantially. This increase the chances that "bad guys" are part of the "law abiding" mix of gun owners. It was easy in the service - everyone firing at you was the enemy.
Here at home we seem to hold the 2nd amendment as some sort of irrevocable right granted by our Creator (yeah I heard that from a gun rights supporter friend).
I don't think the initial permitting should be as easy as it is. I don't think the right is permanent and I want the law to be able to look for weapons should they have been stolen and I want that gun owner to realize that his locks were ineffective - if indeed they were.
You can't make that decision - nor can I.
At some point we have to trust someone to make that call.


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