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Wildwood down the drain

OK, first I want to step up on my soapbox for a second. "Harden said, "We almost threw our hands up because you call 911 six and seven times -- still there's no kids at play signs, there's no speed limit, there's nothing, you know."" Now just encase anyone is confused(apparently Mr Harden is) , EXACTLY what is 911 for?? EMERGENCY's!!!!! SO......... these A**Holes are speeding up and down the road. So which part of that is a... 1)Medical Emergency 2)Fire Emergency 3)Law Enforcement Emergency. Now, im sure your saying right now, Law enforcement, BUT is someone speeding down your road a real emergency?? NO. Yes it requires attention by law enforcement, BUT its not a emergency. Things like this when you need to be making calls to your police chief, and sheriff by office lines. WHICH ARE LISTED IN THE PHONE BOOK. Calling 911 for this kinda problem is going to get u no where like it apparently has. He wanted a officer to come sit in his driveway, What a waste of taxpayer money. Who would lie about something like this? I seriously doubt an officer has to see it with his own eyes to believe it. How is calling 911 going to get u a Child at play sign?? Do u really think they have a pile of signs just sitting up there in boliva?? If thats what u think, then u need to just click your ruby red slippers together twice and come back to reality. Here is the cold hard truth, U want signs out saying slow down, children at play. That cost is coming out of your pocket! U want speed bumps, Guess what..... coming out of your pocket! Hell these days your just lucky the Gov paid to have the road paved! Here is another reality check for the citizens of Wildwood! SELL Your house now!! The Houses in the front are very nice, BUT as you move towards the back, I cant rememer the road name, BUT it takes you all the way to the back. Someone has ruined your housing value! Keep going towards the back....... Nice house..... Nice house..... Nice house....... all the sudden out of no where, you run into nothing but trailers! The residents of those trailers are going to ruin your housing value! Why are all those houses still for sale?? Because NO ONE wants to live in a nice house NEXT TO A TRAILER PARK! Best thing the residents of Wildwood could do is to start a home owners assoc and put down some rules! Get your signs and speed bumps and prevent your investments from getting damaged anymore then they are already!


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