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Terrible job reporting

No comment on this:

"The City of Wilmington’s legislative agenda had also noted the need for new revenue streams for “shoreline preservation, restoration and beach renourishment.” But during a planning session in November, Councilwoman Laura Padgett suggested that should also include a focus on the downtown riverfront.

“We don’t have a beach to renourish. We have totally supported our riverfront ourselves,” Padgett said at the time. “We have not gotten a dime from the beach renourishment funds to take care of this very expensive waterfront.”

The bill as written lacks apparent language to that end. It is in its first edition and sits currently in a House review committee.

City of Wilmington legislative liaison Tyler Newman said Monday the city is in conversation with Rep. Hamilton about adding broader “shoreline preservation” abilities to the bill that would allow proceeds for the riverfront.

Hamilton was not immediately available to discuss the bill Monday."

Here is the city wanting to TAKE money for River Walk calling it waterfront renewal.
What a bunch of morons.
I am ashamed of this council - all of them.



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